Wauconda Voters Pass Lake Michigan Water Referendum-Work Begins Immediately

The Mayor and Board wants to thank all residents that made their voice heard by voting in the 2012 election. The recently approved Lake Michigan Water project will make a substantial long term impact on our community, and it is a priority of the Board to keep residents fully informed on the progress of this important project, with the sharing of regular status updates and timely project highlights.

Since the inception of the public water system over 90 years ago, underground water has been pumped from local wells and delivered for use to Wauconda residents and businesses. Approximately five years ago, Village officials became concerned about the diminishing water supply in local aquifers and the possibility of groundwater contamination, and began work to investigate alternate water sources. One of the alternatives considered was Lake Michigan water, so a request was submitted to the proper authorities for consideration to grant an allocation of the lake water. The request was approved last year and on November 6th Wauconda residents voted in favor of making Lake Michigan water the community’s primary source of drinking water, switching away from the current groundwater wells.

With the voter passage of this referendum, the Village began work immediately to make Lake Michigan water its primary source of drinking water (the current well system will remain in place to act as an emergency back-up system).

Less than a week after the referendum passage, an internal Village committee meeting was held to create an overarching strategic plan to prepare for all future phases of this immense and complex project. The plan includes and addresses specific areas such as legal issues, financing details, further engineering, administration, and Village Board components of the project. A second meeting is being planned for next week and work will begin on legal and financial details in the next few weeks.

For more information on the water system and Lake Michigan Water in particular, CLICK HERE.